Our Services

What does 3DS Technologies Provide?

3DS Technologies uses Leica Equipment and Software for its proven reliability. Whatever we are asked to scan, our trained technicians will verify data accuracy. Accuracy is our business, so you can trust the data that you need will be there. If you forget a measurement, no problem. All the data is saved and can be retrieved at any time. 

A topography map created by 3D Laser Scanning

A topography map created by 3D Laser Scanning

A model built of a construction site using 3D Laser Scanning.


Our point cloud generation is the first and most critical step to model and share as-built equipment and components. Remove and install new equipment, pipe work, HVAC, and whatever else you need in a virtual environment first to save time and frustrations. Easily and effortlessly work with and share 3D models across whichever platform or cloud you desire. 3DS Technologies works with several partners to ensure expertise across the various platforms available with businesses in Toronto and surrounding areas. 

A 3D Model built of a plant build.


High Resolution 3D Modelling and Measurements allow for the right building decision every time, the first time. Our team members are trained in all things related to 3D Laser Scanning and will verify data accuracy, so that your models and measurements allow you all of the benefits of this service: 

  • Give your customers an easy to view 3D floor plan. 
  • Modelling for Plant Layout and Clash Detection. Capture all of the as-built details to avoid surprises, reduce estimating costs, and save time. 
  • Capture every detail to build models that you can zoom, pan, and rotate through. Use this same data to build VR environments and walkthroughs. 
  • Create floor plans from 3D Laser Scans.

A 2D Plant layout created with 3D Laser Scanner.

2D Layouts and Floor Plans

3DS Technologies can provide fast and accurate floor plan layouts in .DWG and .PDF formats using our Laser Scanning Technologies. We offer this data that can be used as is or exported to your preferred CAD program. 

Our Process

A diagram of a Laser Scanning Device.

3DS Technologies provides industry leading high density laser scanning with a Class 1 Laser, meaning no risk to personnel in the area. Our 360 degree 3D laser scanning records up to one million points per second with an accuracy of 1mm and a range of up to 1000m. 

With industry leading professionalism, our trained technicians will arrive on your job site and work without the confines provided to give you an accurate result that will save you both time and money. 

Who Do We Work With?

A Petrochemical plant, with pipelines.

3DS Technologies will provide High Definition 3D Laser Scanning data which can be used for models and layouts. Our services can benefit any industry, check out the following for example: 

  • Oil Refineries
  • Airport Baggage Handling Systems, 
  • Hospitals
  • Bridges
  • Construction Projects
  • Floor Plan Layouts
  • Surveying
  • Archaeology
  • Crime Scene Forensics (Bullet Trajectory)
  • Terrain Layout and Topography
  • Stadiums
  • Churches
  • Towers
  • Ships

… The possibilities are endless.