Keeping our Team and Customers Safe


At 3DS Technologies we are proud of the efforts we make to keep our team and our customers safe at all times. During this worldwide pandemic, it is more important as ever to be at our best. We, like all of you, have taken measures to ensure social distancing. We have reviewed and updated our infection control policies and processes to ensure we have the most effective means to support our community, country and the world in this united front against COVID-19.

Our teams continue to scan in locations that are isolated from other people. For example, outdoor locations that do not require 1:1 interaction with customers can be quoted, scanned and delivered with no face to face meetings taking place. Where sites have been vacated to keep employees safe and home, now can be an ideal time to capture scan data. We wish to reinforce that 3DS will only be working in environments where we will not come into contact with others in order to honor the required social distancing needs within our community.  

Our team is equipped with personal protective equipment to have with them at all times, regardless of the presence of others and have been directed not to engage in face to face interaction until further notice. 

We at 3DS Technologies value your business and more importantly, the health and wellness of your teams. If you have any questions regarding our policies or how we can support you in this time, please contact us today.