About 3DS Technologies

3DS Technologies recognizes the benefits of laser scanning and will bring this exciting technology to your industry. We scan and link together billions of data points to bring efficiency and innovation to any project of any size. 

3DS Technologies was founded to share 3D Laser Scanning with everyone. It is the quickest and most accurate way to capture real world measurements. 

Why Work with Us?


3DS Technologies was born by the revelation that there is a better way. There is a better way to get measurements, digitize the real world, work with CAD, reverse engineer parts, machines, factories, yards, job sites, and much more. 

We are a 100% Canadian Consulting and High Resolution 3D Laser Scanning Company using the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Our commitment and pride is clear every time we work with you to get the information you need, when you need it. Our team is passionate about this technology and working with you to get your project completed right, the first time.


3DS Technologies will deliver a detailed, as-built representation of equipment, space, facade or area with 3D data for integration into modelling software, Building Information Modelling (BIM), real-time planning, or architecture projects with fast and accurate deliverables. 

We solely focus on High Resolution 3D Laser Scanning, which is the key to successful integration into CAD, modelling, and BIM services. We recognize the importance of commitment to quality and detail as your reliable partner. 

When every detail matters, choose 3DS Technologies. 


3DS Technologies uses Leica equipment and software for its proven reliability. Whatever we are asked to scan, our trained technicians will verify data accuracy. Accuracy is our business, so you can trust the data that you need will be there. If you forget a measurement, no problem. All the data is saved and can be retrieved at any time. 

3DS Technologies will provide High Resolution 3D Laser Scanning data for use with models, factory layouts, oil refineries, airport baggage handling systems, hospitals, bridges, construction projects, floor plan layouts, surveying, archaeology, crime scene forensics, terrain lay out and topography, stadiums, churches, towers, ships and more.


Scaffolding in a factory.


3DS Technologies has completed work for global brands including food manufacturers, bottling giants, pet food manufacturers, and commercial bakeries in Toronto and nationwide. 

Pipelines in a Petrochemical Plant.


Our customers include global petrochemical companies and engineering firms that service these clients. 3D laser scanning is the fastest, and most accurate way to capture all of the details of pipework for models, as-builts, and drawing updates. 

3D Laser Scanning a playground.


We have experience scanning different and unique areas and objects. The possibilities are endless from parks, churches, historical buildings, boats, cottages, homes, factories and others. 3D laser scanning or LiDAR is the best way to complete your project. 


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