About US and 3D Laser Scanning

"From the moment I discovered the technology existed, I knew I had to not only be apart of it, but to share it with as many people as possible." Travis Sachs

A licensed millwright by trade, Travis has a long history of Project Management positions, industrial installations and machinery moving,  Travis also has a construction background having grown up with home builders and working in that trade early on.  

It is from this wide range of experience, that Travis immediately recognized the huge potential that 3D Laser Scanning can offer.  


To bring efficiency and innovation to every company of any size.  3DS Technologies was was founded to share 3D Laser Scanning with everyone.  It is by far, the quickest, and most accurate way to capture real world measurements.  The time and cost savings are invaluable.  

Let's scan something cool!

Don't waste another dollar or minute

The technology is here and if you aren't using it, let us show you why you should be.